Postcard from NBN

Well, it looks as though this small piece of Brisbane will be moving into the early twenty-first century at last!

According to NBN Co, we're on the list for decent broadband by September 2018. Well, the current version of the list shows September, but dates have changed more than once over the last few years and nothing has happened yet. It's interesting that the ISPs have been forced by the Federal government to tell the truth about the speed that subscribers can reasonably expect. No more promises of 50 Mbs downstream, when you actually get 20 or less. Now they have to provide an evening average speed.

Early evening is the most heavily used time for internet access, and it's getting worse as people stream moveis and TV programs rather than watch when it's broadcast. So, when you purchase your 50 Mbs product, that may well be the speed you get at 4am, or some other time when people aren't using the network. But you're not going to get that speed when all of your neighbours are using the same infrastructure, hence the requirement for an average speed measured at the busiest time of day.

It makes so much sense that I'm actually blown away.

Of course, just to stop me getting too excited, Morrow, the CEO of NBN Co also said that the 100 Mbs product will no longer be offered. He still has the ridiculous view that no-one needs it or uses it. Clearly he doesn't believe in the development of smaller local businesses, particularly not those who could benefit from high speed data.

I've looked into fixed wireless as an alternative, but none of the local providers have an access points close to us. Even that isn't a guarantee of course. Bad weather causes havoc with wireless communications, but has no effect on the cable under the street.

I'll let you know how it goes come September.

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