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Well, we went to see it at a local small cinena, but not during the first week of release. You see, although Rogue One was pretty good overall, The Last Jedi really left us both a bit cold. I'd read reviews of Solo , but was hopeful in spite of that.

The movie did try to explain that ridiculous quote from Episode 4 - "The Kessel run in twelve parsecs", something that stuck in just about everyone's mind over the decades. Well, getting to Kessel involves difficult navigation and a distance of 25 parsecs. Han managed to find a shortcut which halved that distance. OK as far as it goes I guess, but it's a fragile fix.

Over all the movie is disappointing. There are good actors - almost all of them in fact. Maeve from Westworld is there until she dies. Qi'ra does an excellent job, but she was damned good in GoT before this, so you'd expect it.

Han Solo himeself, well, there the problem. He's not convincing as a young version of the smuggler we see in Episode 4. He just lacks screen presence. Mind you, the script isn't anything to be proud of either. You can tell that the franchise is owned by Disney these days. You've got a movie that won't give a 10-year old anything to worry about, and you 90 year old grandmother will be OK with it too. In other words, it's just bland. Even the bad guy doesn't come over as really bad.

Would I recommend it? No, not really. Bland just doesn't work for me, certainly not for my Star Wars.

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