Postcard from Resident Evil

It looks as though the Resident Evil franchise might actually be coming to an end. With a movie title like Final Chapter it's difficult to see it any other way.

It's been a long run - 15 years. OK, far less than StarWars, but still impressive and it's given 6 movies and 2 animated pieces (which are best forgotten). Although I bought the final movie at the weekend, I've decided to watch the series from the start to follow the evolution of the story.

I'd forgotten how good Milla Jovovich is as one of the security staff protecting The Hive , a huge underground reasearch centre, run by an AI referred to as the Red Queen. In some ways the storyline was old even in 2002 when the first episode was released. An evil corporation using gene technology to modify humans for the military. For some reason, the mods create zombies out of harmless office workers and, as we all know, zombies just want to eat brains.

Scientifically, nothing in the movie makes much sense, but this isn't The Martian and it isn't about accuracy. It's about 500 zombies in an underground complex against half a dozen private security staff who have no idea what they're up against. There are occasional dark scenes until the lights get switched on, but thankfully this isn't a modern movie that wasn't able to pay it's electric bill. And it's better for it.

In the end, the mercs and the bad guy are dead, Milla is captured along with a cop who was there for no good reason, The Hive is sealed with the surviving zombies safely locked inside with the virus and antidote firmly in the hands of more bad guys.

Speaking of the "T-Virus", it reanimates dead flesh, so where does the energy come from when there's no more brains to eat? Remember what I said earlier about accuracy? Just let this one go.

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