Postcard from Movie posters

I came across a stash of old movie posters recently, online, not "in the flesh" so to speak.

They're fascinating, and show how much attitudes have changed in the last 50+ years. They were all posters advertising science fiction or horror films, which, from what I've seen elsewhere, doesn't make that much difference to the style. And it's the style that caught my attention. Almost all of them featured a creature and one or more humans. For the SF movies, the creatures clearly had attitude, for the horror movies, the creatures often looked to be derived from humans.

But it's the portrayal of the people that interest me. There's almost always a woman, and usually a man. The man often features a torn shirt, bulging muscles and a determined expression. But the women .. I'll be honest, even though it's politically unacceptable these days, the women fascinated and attracted me. Often blonde with flowing locks, an amazing and unrealistic figure and for the horror movies, carefully torn clothes that suggest but never reveal.

The science fiction women still have the hair and the figure, but this time they're in space, so they need to wear a space suit. Well, often a bikini with an inverted goldfish bowl on their head. OK, I understand that posters like this aren't meant to be gritty and realistic, but a bikini in space? The pulps in the 50s and 60s had covers like this, but they were aimed at a specific audience, teen, and only just post-teen males. Perhaps the movies are the same.

Look for a few to see what I mean. There are a few samples below, a couple of examples can be seen on IMDB as the links below show:

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