Postcard from Lucifer

This time it's the series of graphic novels written by Mike Carey and collected into 5 volumes.

I suspect that there's not lot here to attract many Christians, in spite of Heaven, Hell, angels, demons and, of course, Lucifer all making regular appearances. It's Christianity seen through a different lens, one where the immortals act out a script and have little, if any, flexibility. And the humans are constrained by their beliefs having created Hell from a deep-seated need to be punished.

Right at the end, even God suggests that having a plan, perfect in every detail, predicting every action is a actually straightjacket. Intrestingly, He also says, right at the end, even He was created.

The stories are complex as are the characters. The angels have a fixed view, very black and white - you only get to enter Heaven if you're perfect, which is why it's so empty. Lucifer runs Hell and has done for millions of years, and everything, even that, is part of the "Plan". Which means that Lucifer didn't rebel, he acted out his part in a play, and fulfilled his role.

The 5 volumes, and the 75 issues they were collected from trace Lucifer's attempts to break free of the constraints of a grand plan that he disapproves of. Other immortals appear from time to time, including Fenris and Lilith, both of whom play central roles. A variety of humans have staring roles too, but most just form part of the backdrop.

What comes over from Mike Corey's writing is the view that immortals have their own agenda, and none of them, even the best, put human needs at the forefront. In fact, the only one who thinks differently is a human girl who becomes immortal. She makes the greatest and best changes of all.

These books are something I'll read again, the stories are complex and interesting enough to warrant it.

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