Postcard from Australian politics

Thankfully it's over. The election, that is.

The last six weeks have been more like having to watch a couple of ten year olds in the school playground having an argument. Over the last few years the level of political discourse in Australia has reached an all time low, but the last six weeks have been special. And not in a good way. Surely, two people who claim to be 'the right one' to run the country ought to be able to tell us about their policies rather than trash the opposition.

I don't expect all that much from politicians, their main skill is convincing us to elect them whilst ignoring their shortcomings. We're somehow surprised to find that they don't know about their portfolio, and surprised again when truth is "adjusted" to meet political beliefs.

I get that the two major parties have opposing views, they're supposed to. I also get that they believe their beliefs are the best way forward, which means the opposition has to be less effective and won't do as good a job. The future of the country is important, but IMHO it's actually way more important than any set of religiously held politicsl beliefs.

And that where we're failing right now. We seem to be heading towards political fundamentalism, and that's not a nice place. Most normal humans dont want to live there, even though some of our elected representatives appear to like it.

Oh, and it's not just Australia. Look at the UK's recent Europe vote, and, if you're able to, listen to Trump. Intolerance looks to be the way of the future. For a while at least.

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