Postcard from Brexit

For a month or more is was building to a crescendo. Would they go, or would they stay? They would go, they stay, then it was too close to call, then stay was just ahead, then the day actually arrived. I'm referring to the British exit from Europe - that aweful contraction "Brexit", and we all know how that worked out.

Britain is heading away from Europe. That not terribly successful marriage has finally broken up. As an ex-pom who didn't get to vote, I think it's the stupidest thing that Britain has done for a long time. Mind you, Britain has never seemed to be enthusiastic about Europe, and some of that has to be blamed on the behaviour of the European government. Laws about bananas and about naming of regional foods did nothing to create a fondness.

The one thing that gets me angry relates to the purported 3 million or more Brits who have signed a petition to re-run the whole referendum because they didn't understand the question. Sorry, what? You're adults. Supposedly intelligent enough to vote, but clearly too dumb to actually understand what's being asked. Where did the sense of personal responsibility go? The attitude that, instead of blaming the old guys for forcing a result, people ought to spend a few minutes to find out about the issue so that they can make some kind of vaguely informed decision.

I think that the Brexit decision was wrong, and Britain is going to hurt in a few years because of it. But I really don't think the referendum shoud be re-done because a large percentage of the population listened to a couple of sock puppets and couldn't be bothered to think for themselves.

Anyway, you can always move to Scotland, a country which wants to remain in Europe, further separating it from England. If that's not bizarre enough, try to sort through the incoherent rambling of Trump, possibly the next US president.

The lunatics really are running the asylum!

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