Postcard from Lucifer

Perhaps I should emphasise that this postcard is about the TV series and not the fallen angel.

Mind you, the series does have some relationship to the mythology. Lucifer is bored in hell, so he abdicates and comes down to Earth to sample the delights of Los Angeles. He is accompanied by Mazikeen (Lesley-Ann Brandt) who acts as his bodyguard while he runs a nightclub and gets a job as LAPD consultant. Tom Ellis, who plays Lucifer does a good job of combining the excitement of seeing Los Angeles for the first time, and the menace he shows to humans not behaving as he feels they should.

It's the last bit that's particularly interesting. Lucifer is heavily into punishment, but in the show, he insists on only punishing the right person. This brings him into contact with an LAPD detective (played by Lauren German) who fascinates him, and they work together on a number of cases.

Lufcifer's brother Amenadiel appoears frequently to try to entice him, or trick him back to hell, and back to his "real" job. In the meantime, Lucifer has found a psychologist to help him understand why the detective is immune to his charms, and why that affects him as much as it does.

From a purely Christian perspective, you would expect Lucifer and Amenadiel to be scarey, but they're not. They are stong characters with very firm ideas and a complete lack of fear, which is understandable as they're immortal. But evil incarnate? Not really. For me, that's the most interesting aspect of the series.

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