Postcard from Keving Bloody Wilson

The other day we went to one of the nearby clubs for an evenings entertainment with Kevin Bloody Wilson. In case there's someone out there who has never heard of the man, let me say up front that he's one of a kind. If you're at all sensitive to language don't go. You will be mightily offended right from the first song.

He's impossibly far from being politically correct. His language is what used to be called "sailor's language" (he swears a huge amount) and he pokes fun at every group of people he can think of. And he targets everyone equally.

But, he's got a great voice, he plays the guitar very well indeed and he's enormously talented at taking songs we all recognise and changing the words to create something completely different.

He had been at an open mic night in the States, and sang "DILLIGAF" and then "Santa" which the audience loved. Then he sang his version of "House of the Rising Sun" , which starts There was a house in New Orleans that's now in Tennessee . Words he created following hurricane Katrina. As he said the other night: "The love went out of the Americans when I sang that".

For us he did two one hour long sessions with a 20 minute intermission. For less than $40 each, it's got to be tremendous value. And the audience loved him. We all sang along, laughed and clapped. Two nearby people had heard of him but never seen him even on YouTube, and they loved it.

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