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Last week I found an interesting graphic novel at the local library - The Activity, volume 3 . It was particularly interesting because a couple of months before I had found a copy of Killer Elite which described the creation of and work carried out by a US Special Operations group called "Intelligence Support Activity", otherwise known as "The Activity".

Nathan Edmondson has created stories that show operations based on the kind of material found in the history of the real group. "Based on", but clearly not identical to. The stories are interesting because they don't have a start, build-up and climax in the same way that most graphic novels would. Those elements are present, but each volume is a collection of 5 shorter comics, each of which is a single complete story. The organisation obviously carries over from one story to the next, as do the teams and a number of the characters.

The artwork by Mitch Gerads is crisp and clean with fewer of the over the top facial expressions that seem to be so common elsewhere. The panel layout is conventional and consistent which certainly isn't a criticism. It helps the story flow.

Overall, the characters are believable and the stories map nicely onto real world events and places which gives the books a nice touch.

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