postcard from advertising

We're so used to adverts poppng up every time we use the Internet that it's easy to assume that digital advertising is all there is.

Not so. There's a company called Avant Cards who make a living out of their ability to use postcards as advertising material. And it seems to work. Since they started, they've produced close to 20,000 different cards for a host of organisations, events and causes. As you'd expect from a successful marketing company, they give their clients the ability to select a particular audience demographic. And the selection is based on the kind of place that the cards are displayed.

The cards are on display at 1500 locations throughout Australia and the displays are changed regularly. The designs are often beautiful, and Facebook hosts a bunch of nerds who collect them.

No, I don't work for Avant cards, but I do admire what they do.

Update : After 25 years, Avand Cards cloed their doors at the end of June 2017. They found that fewer companies were willing to spend money on their kind of advertising. It's a sad thing, but I can understand the difficulties they experienced.

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