Postcard from Kelly's Heroes

Kelly's Heroes is on Foxtel, and I'd forgotten quite how much fun it is.

Outrageous and ridiculous, but the characters are huge. Clint Eastwood, Telly Savalas and Donald Sutherland are all US soldiers in France in WW 2. They have a chance to "liberate" sixteen million dollars in gold bullion from a deserted bank behind German lines.

The best character for me is Donald Sutherland who plays a hippie called Oddball in charge of 3 Sherman tanks. They have souped-up engines, special ammunition filled with paint and large speakers attached to the tanks to play soothing music. Oddball uses stolen reconnaisance photos to find a bridge for his Shermans while his engineer gives out "negative waves", asking what happens if the bridge isn't there when they need it.

In one scene the Shermans come out of a railway tunnel, music blaring and destroy German trains and troops. Later, Oddball finds a bridge-building company to get them all across a river. The bank is in a small French town and guarded by 3 Tiger tanks, but Oddball manages to deal with them, and there's a wonderful scene showing Eastwood, Savalas and Sutherland walking towards a Tiger like cowboys about to quick-draw.

In the end they get the gold (of course), and because all the Shermans are out of action, they buy one of the Tigers from the German crew. If you like serious war movies, give this one a miss, but for dark humour, it's worth 144 minutes of your life.

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