Postcard from Spectre

We watched Spectre last night on BlueRay because we'd missed it at the cinema.

Spectacular as aways. The opening sequence in Mexico City was wonderful, and from the extras on the disc, used 1600 extras and dozens of makeup and costume staff. We watch a helicopter doing aerobatics over the square, and yes, they really did to those barrel rolls.

The last few Bond movies have used world events as a backdrop to the story and this one is no exception. It centres of the establishment of wide-scale surveillance of the population. But this time the motivation comes from the resurgence of an older Bond baddie - SPECTRE, the NGO working towards world domination.

It's a typical Bond movie is every sense. There are beautful women in the shape of Monica Bellucci and Lea Seydoux, there's a car chase through Rome, a boat chase on the Thames, and an exhilarating plane-versus-car chase through the snow. There's a fight on a train which pretty much demolishes a carriage and, of course, things get blown up including the new MI6 building in London.

There are moments of humour, such as Bond discovering that his new car has no ammunition but will happily play background music. Like all Bond films, it's wildly unrealistic in so many ways, none of which matter in the slightest.

And it has SPECTRE as the perfect baddie, it's the dark side of the NGO world, full of menace and run like a corporation. Best of all, at the end of the movie it's still fully functional, just as it was at the end of the other Bond films where it appeared.

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