Postcard from X-Files

I was an X-Files fan right from the start. The mix of reality and conspiracy just caught me, and it wasn't just the "do they exist or don't they" about aliens, all the other oddballs that appeared over 9 seasons were part of the feeling. I could even forgive Mulder disappearing for a couple of years. Yes, in the boring real world it was a dispute about money, but the show had to make more of it.

The writing was clever. However outrageous the conspiracy, there was enough fact to tie it into the world we experience each day. The acting pretty good, and the second-tier characters such as "cigarette-smoking man" really pulled you in.

The gradual change in view of the two core characters was interesting to watch. Mulder changing from a die-hard believer in alien intervention to a cynic convinced that the evidence he had been collecting for so long was all a setup. At the same time, Scully went from a strict scientific "it can't be true, there's no real evidence" to having a sense of conviction matching Mulders original views.

Then, after a fourteen year gap, it came back. Scully and Mulder were older (of course) but thankfully played by the same actors. The 6 episodes presented new stories that tied into the original X-Files mythology very nicely, at least to the extent that I was hugely frustrated at the end of the last episode. How could they possibly leave the story there? There has to be another episode!

The truth maybe out there. but the show wasn't providing easy answers, and that was a big part of the attraction.

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