Postcard from Takeshi Kovacs

Richard Margan has written a number of science fiction novels, but my 3 favouries all have Takeshi Kovacs as the central character.

Kovacs is an ex-envoy - a futuristic special forces soldier with enahnced adaptability, and that's important. In this future, human personalities are usually recorded into resilient hardware embedded in your body. The recordings can be transmitted over a faster than light communications network and downloaded into an artificially grown body. It means that death can be a temporary inconvenience rather than a permanent problem. If you do the kind of work that Kovacs does, the bodies are often given faster responses and more resistance to damage.

In the first book ( Altered Carbon ) he's investigating the apparent suicide of a rich man. Why would he kill himself when his personality is recorded and backed up? The second ( Broken Angels ) sees him protecting an archaeological team on the edge of a war zone. The third ( Woken Furies ) finds him back on his homeworld solving a generations old puzzle - why do ancient, untouchable satellites destroy anything the exceeds a seemingly arbitrary speed?

The society that Kovacs functions within is as thoroughly nasty as any you see today. Greed, war and manipulation flourish, but Kovacs has a strong set of ethical values and manages to do something like the right thing. He's certainly no saint, but neither is he a monster.

I'd recommend the books, and the links are below.

/Update:/ Well, Altered Carbon is now out on NetFlix, and it's great! Expanded beyond the book of course, but very well presented and engaging. Recommended

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