Postcard from the Tardis

I'll admit that I've been a closet Doctor Who fan for a very long time. Right back to the first episode in 1963 in fact. Yes, I really am that old.

Periodically, I lost the faith over the years. It wasn't the cardboard scenery when money was hard to find, or some of the ridiculous costumes, or even the re-use of that gravel quarry in Wales which doubled as just about everything. No, at times the writing sucked. There, it needs to be said.

The rebirth with Christopher Eccleston, new writers and a decent budget in 2005 brought me back to the fold. I felt Eccleston was an odd choice. A good actor, but he had a reputation of only doing a single season, so why? Still, it worked, his Doctor was excellent and sorely missed.

The old favourites are all back as well. Daleks, Cybermen and the Master as well as a host of new baddies, supported by some very good writing. And the pinacle, the Master is now Missy , a woman. Wonderful. Only to be beaten when the BBC take the plunge and finally make the Doctor a woman. Not that this step appears to be on the horizon.

For me the difficulty came in the petite form of Clara. I'm really sorry, but I really don't like her character. The writing can be a quite obscure, particularly in the 2014/2015 seasons, and perhaps the two things are related.

But I do like the way the Doctor is getting darker. These days he actually fights when he needs to and can actually be aggressive. I'm not quite as sure about the way he still doesn't seem to understand humans. He's about 2000 years old now, surely he can learn.

But I'm being picky. It's a great series, and Peter Capaldi does it proud. Next time a female Doctor perhaps? What do you think?

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