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Every now and again I look for graphic novels that I might enjoy. I know that there's a lot of styles of art that I don't like - the "Sailor Moon" style with ridiculously large eyes and an almost triangular face, for example. I've come across other books where I like the art, but not the story - most of the Avengers fit into this category.

I did come across a suggestion about a year ago, and recently found the book they mentioned. Velvet. It could be described as based on James Bond, but with a serious twist - the directors secretary, Moneypenny in the Bond franchise, is actually the best secret agent that the organisation has ever had. She's a secretary largely to recuperate, and as the story begins, she's been set up over a murder, and has to find out who and why.

The art is excellent, and the story satisfyingly complex. It's all a bit unrealistic, but so was Bond, and you don't read this kind of material for the realism. I particularly liked the idea that the secretary was the best, and the other (male) agents clearly not up to her standard.

So far there are 2 volumes, and going by the gap between one and two, I'd expect a third around mid-2016.

Update: I was right. Volume 3 is due out in July 2016 and I've got my order in.

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