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So, here we are with a new Star Wars movie, the first in a new trilogy, and from what we read, the bootstrap into more spin-offs. And I enjoyed it, although the stmory was poorly constructed and the new characters basically unbelievable.

This isn't going to be a full review, there are plenty already, and lots more are going to appear, particularly as the additional movies are released. But I can't help seeing the close relationship between the story in episodes 4 and 7. OK, this time it's a girl not a boy, and the robot is spherical. But even the trash compactor gets a mention.

The real issue for me was the number of plot holes, and it tarnished the whole movie. For example, why destroy sand speeders and ignore an ftl capable spacecraft, particilarly one with some effective weapons? Why do the main characters have no problem picking up and using things they've never met before? Why is an ex-storm trooper accepted so easily considering the previous behaviour of that organisation?

Having said that, I was pleased to see four of the original main characters back. Wookies clearly don't age, but Han Solo has, and so has Leia. Unlike some, I had no problem with Leia looking older, it's what happens, and one of the few realistic things about the characters. She's a General now, but in the original trilogy, she was always a feisty Princess, so what else would you expect?

The Frst Order sounds like a religious institution, like a perverted mix of Jesuits and Templars, particularly with the new light saber that looks so much like a broadsword. They still wear armour that's close to useless, although it does look cool.

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