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Queensland University of Technology (QUT) has an incredible interactive video wall, currently showing a dinosaur exhibit specifically for the public. It's on the ground floor of the Engineering building, and you really can't miss it.

There's a free-standing "L-shaped" wall with screens on both sides. The top two-thirds are purely for display, the bottom third can be either a continuation of the upper portion or a set of individual touch sensitive screens.

There are projectors on the ceiling, and the graphics quality is excellent. The touch sensitive screens all have the same six icons, each of which pulls up a separate interactive display. These range from identifying tracks of dinosaurs or current animals to simulating a dig, and showing some of the possible reasons for species extinction in the past.

Perhaps the most impressive display shows how the continents have moved over the previous 500 million years. It's fascinating to see how Australia has moved, and how it used to be joined to larger land-masses. You control a slider which shows specific events such as the first multi-cellular life, first dinosaur, appearance of the modern eye and so on. As you move the slider, the image of a globe changes showing what the continents looked like at the time.

It's easy to understand how good it's going to be as a teaching aid.

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