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I volunteered at Supanova this year too. It's better organised than Comiccon, but harder work. It's a fun event to go to, and helping out makes it more enjoyable. You get more opportunity to speak with the stall holders and the artists, and more time to watch the visitors.

This year I saw fewer Princess Leia costumes, and two were the formal look - the long white gown and the "Danish pastry" hair. That's been quite rare in the past, most of the costumes used to revolve round the famous brass bikini worn by Leia as the Jaba the Hut slave girl.

There were a lot of Wonder Woman costumes too, but all of them with the classical look. I didn't see anyone with the more modern, Xena-style leather-look costume that's featured in the movie due out in 2016. I wonder if that's a sign that the movie won't be as successful as those featuring the male super heroes?

The Dalek workshop was there, complete with 8 Daleks, one of which was the WW2 Dalek holding a tray with a cup of tea. Elsewhere, next to the Tardis and a manequin of The Silence, you could see Davros.

The De Lorien was there, as was Optimus Prime, but that was about it for the major displays. Interestingly, the merchandise on show at some of the stores was different from Comiccon too. Fewer books and comics, and a lot more figurines, plushies and bobble heads.

I must be getting old, I didn't recognise most of the costumes. Some were easy, and clearly from "my generation" - Star Wars and Battlestar Galactica mainly. A lot of the rest looked to be based on anime characters, and most anime is lost on me.

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