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Thankfully we had the grand kids visiting when the Lego expo came to town, otherwise I would have felt a bit uncomfortable going. One was in a pram, the other old enough to be interested, but too young to geet deeply enthusiastic. He didn't get the idea of counting minifig Santa's for example.

The huge air crane was there, and it was every bit as impressive as I'd hoped. It's hard to imagine the effort needed to build something like that. Over 4m long and using 100,000 bricks, it's a testament to enthusiasm and ability.

The Colosseum in Rome was modeled, complete with the slave pens and gladiator aeas under the arena floor. And, yes, there was Santa. A cut-away cruise liner almost overflowed with minifigs, and more than one Santa. There was a Qantas passenger plane filled with storm troopers and a big play area where the kids could build anything they wanted with the supplied bricks. You could see that some had the gift, others not so much - yet.

For me, the highlight wasn't the Saturn V moon rocket, it was a set of black and white "paintings" of the 6 actors who have played James Bond, with Johnny English added for good measure. Each was close to a meter square, and done entirely in lego bricks they were very impressive.

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