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My brother and I went to see a burlesque show last month. The Empire Strips Back is a series of skits loosely based on the Star Wars story. Very loosely, but also very well done. It's possible that burlesque is heading towards politically incorrect these days, but as 40% of the audience were female, it's clear that a great many people aren't taking that particularly line in the sand seriously.

The only negative comment I can make is about the venue. We saw it at the Tivoli in Fortitude Valley, and I'd be reluctant to go back there for anything at all. Well, maybe if I could guarantee a seat downstairs, but the balcony is set up terribly badly. It's horse-shoe shaped, and has pairs of seats down the sides. Unfortunately, the outside seat of the two can see nothing of the stage. There were a dozen people standing on each side because that was the only way for them to see the show.

The show itself was thoroughly enjoyable. It was classic burlesque - tight costumes, skimpy costumes, lots of exposed skin and athletic dancing. The imperial guards in red appeared to be wearing nothing underneath their cloaks, the storm troopers on stage were so much more appealing (and attractive) than the ones on film. They ended up wearing substantially less clothing too.

I'd certainly recommend the show, but not the venue.

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