Postcard from - Nimbin

We came across Nimbin almost by accident. Well, the map showed it was there at the end of a winding, hill country road, but that's all. It was only a name. We chose the single track road, winding through the hills and amongst the trees. Thankfully there was no other traffic - passing would be a serious issue. It was a beautiful road even though it wasn't that well maintained. A hill on one side and a near-vertical drop on the other with spectacular views round almost every other corner.

Then we arrived. We had no idea what it would be like, just a stop at the end of an interesting drive. But Nimbin is unique, for me at least. It's clearly a place that the old hippies go. One of the more memorable shops in the high street is called "Bring-a-bong". How that isn't raided on a daily basis I have no idea.

Perhaps life in Nimbin is more relaxed than I realised. The black dog chasing the chook down the street clearly thought so. We stayed for about an hour before driving back to the coast along a better, faster road.

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