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The previous year, we'd stayed in 3 different places in Queensland, but in 2014 we decided to stay on the Gold Coast for the full two weeks. Everything we wanted was in easy reach - Brisbane, Byron Bay, the Darling Range, even the Sunshine Coast if we wanted. And the main draw was Peppers Hotel.

We'd stayed there in 2013 and enjoyed it enormously. It's modern, clean serviced apartment living in a tower block with beautiful views. I'd booked in about 4 months in advance asking for one of the higher floors for the view. Peppers don't allocate rooms until you arrive, which always struck me as a bit odd. But then, I'm used to European hotels where you get a room allocated once the booking is confirmed. It might not have mattered, but between booking and flying, I got a couple of emails strongly suggesting that the room we should expect would be on one of the lower floors.

That was disappointing, so I called and spoke to them and explained why I wasn't entirely happy and got a promise to look into it. That's so often a brush-off, and that's pretty much how I took it. When we arrived, I found that we'd been upgraded! Instead of a 1 bedroom apartment, we now had a 2 bedroom apartment on the fourteenth floor with balconies (plural!) facing the sea on one side and the mountains on the other.

It was perfect, and way better than we expected.

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