Postcard from - Olympus Mons

Years ago, I belonged to an astronomy society back in the UK. It was the kind of "nerd gathering" that you'd expect, and a few of us wanted to visibly stand out from the crowd. Looking back, I'm not sure which particular crowd we wanted to be different from, but there was the germ of an idea.

Over a few beers, we decided to get some sweat shirts over-printed with what amounted to an in-joke. "Olympus Mons Ski Team". If you saw any of us, you'd recognise that we weren't skiers, which was half of the joke I suppose.

You see, Olympus Mons is an extinct volcano, and a very large one at that. It's 22km high and covers an area about the size of France. It doesn't have snow on the slopes. Before you drag out the atlas, or fire up Google maps, it's on Mars. And that's the other half of the joke. A nerd joke.

A couple of people did ask me about the shirt over the years that I had it, and I did my best to answer whilst keeping the balance between truth and lies. I lost the sweat shirt quite a while ago sadly, but occasionally I think about resurrecting the idea.

Maybe, one day I will.

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