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With the release of episode 7, a quick look behind us into the Star Wars universe seems appropriate.

I loved episode 4. Sitting in a London cinema, I could hear the Star Destroyer coming along Edgeware Road and fought the impuse to duck when it chased the courier ship down the screen. The storm troopers were a competant military force, the characters real in the sence that they argued, whinged and found it difficult to learn how to absorb new ideas.

The second movie (episode 5) wasn't quite as impressive as a story, and the 6th was, for me, a complete failure. By then the competant military could barely stand on their own feet and got thrashed by a bunch of teddy bears. Return of the Jedi had become a movie for kids, and I was disappointed.

And I'm sorry George, but I disliked episodes 1, 2 and 3 enormously. And not just for the presence of the exerable Jar-Jar Binks. By then I just didn't care any more. It took me years to gather the enthusiasm to watch episode 2, and longer still to sit in front of episode 3.

The original movie was, for me, clearly meant for grown-ups, but that seemed to change as new movies appeared. Making a kids movie is fine, and I've enjoyed a lot of the ones I've seen. But the gradual change from adult to child in a series I'd become engaged with just didn't work.

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