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Hugh Howey has written a series of five short stories about an interstellar beacon and the man who lives in it. He's a modern lighthouse keeper, and that's an analogy that is mentioned a number of times. All five are published as Kindle books, short but well written.

It becomes apparent that the main character suffers from PTSD, and has been given the job partly as a way of saying "thank you", and partly to keep him away from the rest of human society.

I don't buy into all aspects of the world that Howey has created, but that's less important than the characterisation anyway, and that's very good. Although the date isn't made clear, I doubt that NASA would still exist that far in the future. And I don't see the need for a beacon to prevent ftl ships from crashing into asteroids in their flight path.

I'd like to see a longer work incorporating and expanding on all five stories. It would give him the opportunity to tidy up the ending, which was way too abrupt.

Addendum : The complete novel exists, but in reality, it's just the same stories under one cover. However, the link is below if you'd like to use it.

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