The Elephant

Mark Bush
9 Jul 93 10:57:42 GMT

There is an elephant which you cannot see, touch or smell living in my garden which runs the world and makes everything happen. I know because I talk to it in my mind. Now, *you* prove to me that this is not the case.

If you think that last paragraph is a little preposterous, then you are, perhaps, right. Just as I am right in thinking that the idea that such a creature in human form exists is preposterous.

After all, I could write a book which chronicles the history of my elephant and then in 2000 years time, people would be able to have the same arguments about my elephant as we are having about your god.

If you are going to make some claim that 2000 years ago a human walked on water, turned water into wine, cured people from incurable illnesses, etc, then it is up to *you* to supply proof if you expect to have any credibility. And if you further expect us to believe that he was the son of some all powerful creature whom we cannot see or aquire physical evidence of in any way, then isn't that going a little far?

The Elephant says it's cool to have sex with whoever you want as long as they consent and can be shown to be mentally responsible to understand the full implications of their consent, and that masterbation in all its forms are also ok.

The Elephant also says that since it does not discriminate between people for any reason, we are not meant to try to convert people (ie believing in the Elephant is not important as it believes in you all, loves you all, and will always try its hardest to make sure accidents and catastrophes don't happen to anyone).

The Elephant does not turn away from those who are bad, but hopes that they will find comfort within themselves one day. However, ultimately the future is in our hands and the Elephant won't interfere in what we choose as our path in life - it loves us anyway - all of us, equally.

So, as far as the Elephant is concerned, anything goes as long as it doesn't interfere with others without their consent.

Since we are all agreed that the bible can hardly be proof of what the bible documents, and hence is no proof of the existance of what you believe in as a god, then it follows that the documentation I have written about the Elephant is also not proof. However, I have spoken with it and know that it is there. It says that it is responsible for gravity and the speed of light and such things. Also that it tries to prevent disasters from happening (and has been holding back the Andreas(sp?) Fault for a long time) but tells me it is very sorry it can't help more than it does. *That* is a deity I can beleive in.

I therefore have as much proof of the existance of the Elephant as you have of your god. There is my counter-example.

Now, who is going to join my Elephant religion? It says that there is no afterlife, just a hope for peace on Earth for future generations if we all help each other (even those who worship this god character).