Free eBooks

This page provides a list of sources for free e-books. There are a lot more sources, and an enormous number more books than I expected to find when I first put this list together. I have to emphasise - check the sites that I've listed here. The books on offer may not be copyright free in your country (unfortunately, it's possible that some aren't coyright free at all, if you find that to be true, email me and I'll remove them from the list).

It's divided into four sections:

I'm going to restrict this list to sites which allow downloading of books instead of those that only offer online reading. If I don't do that, differentiating between a book and a web site starts to get difficult, and that's something I'd rather avoid. Of course, it's going to omit most of the web 'zines too. I'm also going to ignore sites with nothing except for Project Gutenberg material.

It's becoming clear that a single monlithic file like this is impossible to use well, so, I'm looking to change it. It's likely to become a simple category search, but for that to work I'll need to look at all the sources I have (about 420 at the last count) and categorise the content that they hold. It's easy for some, and very difficult for others, so it may take a while. Bear with me until Christmas 2011 if you can, that's when I'm likely to have the time to do this properly.

If there's a site that I've missed, or if you disagree with my comments, please send me an email and I'll try to add or change as needed. You can reach me at electricmink [at]

19:12 on 16 December 2011
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Audio Books

Audio Book Treasury

Not a large selection, but each chapter is available as a separate file.

Audio Books

There are 460 audio books available, not all of which are free.

Audio Books For Free

The site provides separate MP3 files for each audio book, and downloading them at the lowest available speed is free. Higher speed downloads or, for some reason, zip'd files are charged for. MOst, if not all, books are classics.

Audio Literature Odyssey

Audio books of some of the classics.

Book Pop

11 kids stories available for download in MP3 format.


About 20 kids stories available as MP3 files.

Books Should be Free

A good selection of popular novels available in 19 categories, all in MP3 format and also set up for iTunes.

Clarkesworld Magazine


This podcast describes it's content as "Short stories at the far side of weird".


5 books for download in good quality MP3.

Escape Pod

A weekly SF podcast which gives one short story per week.

Free Audio Books

Only 3 books so far, all by Edgar Allan Poe.

Free Books

9 categories (not all have content unfortunately) with free audio books. There are over 130 childrens books and a similar number categorised as American literature.

Free Classic Audio Books

A selection of about 70 audio books available for free download. They are all available both in MP3 format and ready for iTunes.

Gutenberg Audio Books Project

The Gutenberg project has audio books available for download. Some are read by a human, others use computer generated voice.

Horror - Machine of Death

A collection of short stories released as a podcast with one story per week. url:


499 podcast stories in a number of genres from science fiction to horror.


80 files available in MP3.


These are podcasts taken from her books.

Kiddie Records Weekly

MP3 recordings of kids stories from the 1940s to the 1950s.

Kids Audio Books

Over 200 kids stories available for download.

Kids Corner

6 Beatrix Potter books in real audio format.

Kids Learn Outloud

306 audio books and podcasts.


Librivox has 5 podcasts available covering books, poetry and short stories. In addition they have 3300 audio books.

Light up your brain

About 60 kids stories which can be listened to online or downloaded.


A limited number of books usually divided into individual chapters to keep the file size lower.

Maria Lectrix

A mix of fantasy, poetry, science fiction, mystery and Christian books as audio files.

Musical Tales

A fantasy work available for download.


A weekly fantasy podcast.


Serialised books originally done as podcasts, now available for download.


Pseudopod is a weekly podcast. As the introduction says - "these stories are meant to disturb you".

Pulp Daily

This site aims to provide the discerning reader with samples of the action and adventure stories from a bye=gone era.

Rolf A F Witzsche

A series of philosophical books available for purchase or free download as PDF or audio books.

Starship Sofa

A weekly podcast, sometimes including an interview.

Stories Now

Sherlock Holmes as audio books.


Some of the kids stories available here can be downloaded.

Telltale Weekly

A variety of audio versions of out of copyright books, and samples from books.

The Story Spieler

A collection of almost 300 short stories well organised by Roy Trumbull. Some of the content is also available through the Internet Archive.

Thought Audio

A number of classics available for free download.

So far there are 20 stories avalailable here, and all of them are available via an RSS feed which will also carry future podcasts. Catgeory: sf

Voices in the Dark

Both high and low bitrate MP3 files are available. You can browse by title, author or genre.


This site has a small number of books for download, all in MP3 format.


Abigail Hilton

The three volumes of The Prophet of Panamindorah are available for download.

Alexandra Marell

There are 4 free romance novels here. You can either join a Yahoo forum to get them or from Alinar Publishing at which point they will be uploaded onto your bookshelf. Catgeory: romance

Brad Sugars

Brad Sugars writes business improvement books and a number of them are availablefor download.

Brandon Sanderson

There are a number of versions of Warbreaker available here. Sanderson rightly feels that the real enemy for an anuthor is obscurity, so enjoy this book.

Brian Wood

You can download the entire 132-page content of Brian's artbook. Be aware that it's 115 Mb!

Charles Stross

Charles Stross writes science fiction and has three of his published books available for free download.

Chris Guillebeau

A business book offering advice on bringing your project to a successful conclusion.

Chris Slusser

Stories of the Paranormal Activities Unit, as well as romance.

Cory Doctorow

Cory Doctorow writes science fiction, and has free to download copies of all his published books available on his site. He produces text, HTML and PDf versions, and readers independently produce a huge variety of other formats which are all made available.

D M Arnold

The five volumes of the Earthbound series by D M Arnold are all available for download of online reading.

Dan Ronco

Science fiction books available for download.

David Palme

Horror stories available for download.

Daya Dissanayake

Two time winner of the State Literary Award for English Novel, Daya Dissanayake has made his books available for download.

Doug Parker

The book "Pulp Science Fiction" can be downloaded here.

Dr Gordon Coates

Dr Coates has 2 books available, one about grief the other about communication.

Duncan Long

Books by Duncan Long and others illustrated by him are available here. A number of them can be classified as survivalist, others science fiction.

Gary Baker

Gary Baker has two of his novels available for free download.

Geoff Wolak

Geoff Wolak has downloadable copies of his 18 volume science fiction work about time travel, and five volumes of the seven volume spy thriller series available.

Gorman Bechard

Gorman Bechard has a few of his books available for download.

Hugh Perkins

Short stories by Hugh Perkins available for free download.

J A Konrath

Two books availablke for download.

J M Reep

An author of young adult novels.

Jack Zavada

1 inspirational book.

Jackee Connor

4 romance books

Jacqueline Druga-Johnston

Jacqueline Druga-Johnston for the most part writes science fiction, and that set of books which merges thriller, science fiction and bio-terrorism. Her site has links for downloads, almost all of which are free, and for the purchase of printed books.

James L Halperin

2 science fiction novels in MS Word format.

Jean Gallier

Maths books available for download.

Jeff Inlo

Jeff Inlo's science fiction books are available for free download.

Jeffrey A Carver

Currently, Jeffrey Carver is offering free downloads of the 4 novels in his Chaos Chronicles science fiction series. 3 other books are also available for free download as are a number of short stories.

Jody Kihara

4 of Joyd's books are available for download in PDF format.

Jon Claerbout

Professor Claerbout has made 5 of his geophysics books available for download.

Julie A Carda

One romance book is available for download.


These are samples taken from a variety of novels.

Karlene Kubat

Karlene Kubat has 10 books available for download.

Lee Hopkins

Lee Hopkins has four of his business commmunications books available for free download.

Lewis Shiner

4 novels, 2 screenplays and a large number of stories are available either for online reading or download in PDF format. Most are science fiction, but there are a smaller number of other genres available.

Lisa Green

3 romance nocels for download

Lowry Pei

Lowry Pei has seven novels available for download.

Mark Coker

Mark Coker's Smashwords Book Marketing Guide is available as a free download.

Mark Moxon

Free travel books from mark Moxon

Markus Winand

So far, the first volume of "SQL Performance Explained" is available for download. Volume 2 is expected in 2012. category: it

Martin Cooper

Nowick Gray

Nowick Gray writes a mixture of mystery, science fiction and short stories.

Octavia Randolph

3 volumes of historical fiction taking place in 9th century England.

Payton Lee

17 novels, mostly romance are available via links to

Peter Fothergill

There are 9 novels in the Bounty Hunter series available for download, and three short novels. All are science fiction.

Peter Watts

Short stories and novels available for download.

R J Rummel

7 novels in a time travel, alternate history series.

Racy Li

So far only one book available.

Raine Weaver

Richards Stevens

Richard Stevens has made all 11 volume of his online comic "Diesel Sweeties" available for free download.

Robert B Ash

Maths text books in PDF format.

Robert Gallagher

Robert Turnbull

Three books of Hawks Legend are available here for download.

Robyn Crane

Rolf A F Witzsche

A series of philosophical books available for purchase or free download as PDF or audio books.

Rosanne Dingli

Rosanne has made three of her books available for free download via Smashwords.

Sam Vaknin

Various books by Sam Vaknin.

Sara Reinke

8 novels in various genres (sf, romance and thriller) are available for free download.

Teresa Perrin

Teresa Perrin has made two of her books available for download in PDF format.

Trevor Hopkins

The Lindisfarne Bridge novels.

William Chen

Math lecture notes mostly available as PDF files.


1Romance eBooks

A number of free romance books are available.

2020 OK

There's a huge number of subjects here, each of which is extensively subdivided. Not all books are available for download however.


4ebooks holds IT books, they have about 500 and their catalogue split into 6 categories.

Acrobat Planet

This site has a broad selection of material covering personal finance, vehicle service manuals and user and repair manuals for phones and notebook computers.

Ada Information Clearing House

There are a number of free books on the Ada computer programming language.

All Books Free

A list of free novels, poetry, childrens books and short story compilations available for free download.

All Free Crafts

Carfts and recipe books available for free download.


A good selection of books in biology, physics, IT, chemistry and magic.

All Romance

214 romance books available for download. These are a mix of public domain and others made available bu the publishers.

Amazon (Kindle classics)

This area of the Amazon online store holds 4800 pre-1923 classics formatted for the Kindle ebook reader. The books will also be available from Project Gutenberg in a compatable format.

Amazon (Limited time offers)

This part of the Amazon online store holds Kindle format books available for download. The content isn't fixed, as the name suggests books are offered for free download for a limited period after which they will only be available for a fee.

American Libraries

American Libraries form part of the Interne Archive and have 288,000 titles available for download. There is a list of the individual contributing libraries and the usual facility to allow browsing by author or by title. There's also a search box which can apply to any individual library or to all of the contributors.

American Mathematical Society

A good selection of quality maths books. Some are downloadable by the chapter instead of a single file.

And Free eBooks

This site has a number of free books available which explain how to write and market ebooks.

Arthur's Bookshelf

Free older science fiction books organised by author. James Blish, Murray Leinster, Theodore Sturgeon and others are here. There are also 4000 classics available.

Ask Sam

A small number of ebooks available from here. Some can be downloaded from Project Gutenberg, others are government reports and legal material. Unfortunately, they're in a proprietary format and can only be read with the free viewer available from the site.

Associated Content

A small number of cookbooks available from here. Format: PDF

Astrology Weekly

A small number of astrology books are available for online reading, far more for free download.


20 volumes of classical literature available in 3 formats.


The site aims to provide new authors with a showcase for their work, and wants to become the "YouTube" of the publishing world.

Black Mask

Detective stories from Black Mask magazine, first published in the 1920s available for download.


BookStacks has a small collection of about 100 books available in PDF format. You can search for books by author.


About 20 kids stories in PDF format.

Books in my phone

A large selection of ebooks in formats suitable for mobile phone use.


35 categories are available, each of which expands to offer sub-categories. The books are avialable in PDF format.


Browzer has some classics, like everyone else, a small number of unique books and some links to other sources.

Bucaro TecHelp

This site has a number of business books available. To download you need to provide a password which you get from reading their news page - not a problem.


Books about Buddhism available for download.

Canadian Libraries

Canadian Libraries form part of the Interne Archive and have 288,000 titles available for download. There is a list of the individual contributing libraries and the usual facility to allow browsing by author or by title. There's also a search box which can apply to any individual library or to all of the contributors.

Change This

10 free ebooks for web designers.


Lots of books about chess all available as PDF files. Even Edgar Rice Burroughs Chessmen of Mars!

Childrens Books Forever

20 or so illustrated childrens books.

Childrens Library

Childrens Library forms part of the Interne Archive and hea 2,700 titles available for download. There is the usual facility to allow browsing by author or by title, and a search which can apply to the whole collection or to an individual subject.

Chris Brogan

20 ebooks about social media available for download.

Community Texts

Community Texts used to be called Open Source Books. It form part of the Internet Archive and have 76,000 titles available for download. There is a facility to allow browsing by title, and a search which can be applied to the entire collection or to an individual subject.

Computer Science Books Online

A good selection of computer science books available for download.

IT books in 20 categories available for download.

Creative Homemaking

A good selection of cookery books.

Daily Artisan

Approximately 60 Linux books are available in HTML and PDF formats from the Daily Artisan. The catalogue is split into the expected categories.

Develop New

Over 40 categories of IT books available for download.

Diesel Books

Diesel is an ebook retails store which has both free and purchasable ebooks available. 24 categories of free downloadable ebooks are available via the LHS menu, and the claim is that they have access to over 1.4 million ePub format books derived from Google Books.

Lately the site gives an error message when accessing any of the categories or the search function.

Digital Book Index

This site has a list of about a thousand categories and sub-categories, all of which are available for browsing. In addition, you can search by author, title or subject. Not all the books referenced here are free (the site claims that 135,000 are free), and most are available for online reading.

Divine Life Society

Free books on Yoga, religion and philosophy.

E-Books Directory

The site has over a hundred categories available for browsing and close to a thousand books. Most books are available as PDf files.


e-Library has approximately 800 free ebooks available for download. The site has a second domain with identical content -

E-books lab

Few of the books appear to be hosted here, and some are available only as online tutorials.

Easy Media Broadcast

A sizable selection of books available for download, a number of which can be found from Project Gutenberg in a more common format. The books are all in TK3 format for some reason, but the reader can be downloaded from the site.

Ebook 3000

This site has about 20 subjects and a search facility. Downloads are simple, but go via a site which delays the start unless you pay for a "premium service".

Ebook Cellar

20 categories of free books to download. The books are compressed and require a password to unlock them, to get the password you have to complete a test.

Ebook Lobby

Over a hundred IT ebooks divided into seven categories.

Ebook Planet

A small selection of ebooks available in PDF format.

Ebook Squad

A broad variety of books available for download in a dozen categories ranging from automotive to medicine and computers.

Ebooks for Young Readers

ebooks for kids divided into reading ability, mostly available as PDF files.

Ellora's Cave

Free short romance stories. You have to use a shopping cart even though the stories are free, but at least there's no demand for a credit card. The service does sometimes timeout though.

Enter 4 Books

A broad variety of ebooks are offered, not all of which are available for free download. Some of those that are need a proprietary reader which is available from the same site.

Everyman Edict

2 novels available.

Everyone's Reading

10 romance novels available for free download.

Featherproof Books

There are a couple of dozen "mini books" available for free download here. They're mostly excerpts from longer works, and the site encourages but doesn't demand a donation if you enjoyed what you read. They're designed to be printed out, assembled and stapled to make an A5 sized booklet, so they're going to look very odd if you try to read them on-screen.

Federal Aviation Administration - Aerospace Forecasts FY 2009-2025

A variety of documents providing forcasts to 2025.

Federal Aviation Administration - Commercial Space Transportation

The FAA publish a number of books and other documents covering aviation and space, including "Commercial Space Transportation Forecasts" and "Year in Review" publications. Category space,aviation

Federal Citizen Information Centre

US government information booklets on a variety of subjects. They are either free, or are available for free download.

Federation of American Scientists

The FAS site hosts a large number of officially released US government documents covering every aspect of military and intelligence operation.

Feed Books

Feedbooks has free and chargeable books available for download. A lot of the free material comes from Project Gutenberg, but there are only 4 categories available - Most Popular and New Releases for both Public Domain and Original Material. Once you decided which you want, search and additional list options are available.

There are short stories and full length books available.

Feed Forward

Feed Forward has a number of engineering manuals available for download. All are in PDF format.


Fictionwise are an ebook retailer with a limited selection of free books, there are currently only 33 includiing a few classics and samples from various Oxford dictionaries. You select books by adding them to your shopping cart, and have to login before downloading. It's free to join, so this is merely a minor irritation.


Floodle has a broad variety of books, ranging from cooking to marketing. Most are downloaded as Windows executables.

Free Book Centre

Most of the books are about IT, but electronics, medical, physics and maths are also represented. Some of the books are out of print, which is an issue for IT material, and some is only available online.

Free Book Spot

The site has dozens of categories to choose from down the RHS of the page. The IT books that I've looked at are professional quality and, for the most part, current editions. The download service used here is a bit irritating in that if you don't pay a subscription, you are kept waiting before you get the opportunity to collect the book(s) that you want. This is understandable however, and it's used as a means of preventing wholesale ripping of the site.

Many of the books are downloaded as "RAR" compressed files and need to be uncompressed before being read. Of course this is not a problem on modern machines.

Free Book Zone

There are 19 categories of ebook available for download.

Free Books 4 Doctors

Medical textbooks available, some in PDF format, others suitable for reading on a mobile phone.

Free Books Blog

There are a lot of categories to choose from, but not all have many books. Some of the books are only available for online reading

Free Books Club

A large number of books from a broad selection of subject areas, many IT related.

Free Books for All

A good selection of free ebooks in a variety of subject areas including business, ecology and self-help. They are available in PDF format.

Free Computer Books

Free Computer Books have a number of IT books available for online reading, some of which are hosted by O'Reilly. Others are downloadable in PDF format, but some links point at payable versions.

Free Cookbooks

A large number of cookbooks divided into categories (Mexican, French, bread etc) all of which are hosted by Google books. Not all can be downloaded, some are only available for online viewing.

Free Ebook Download Links

A good selection of downloadable book on IT, electronics and maths subject areas.

Free Ebook Manuals

Automotive manuals for a large selections of makes are available for downloads. Books on IT and health are also available, as are a selection of oddments such as cameras, telescopes and the user manual for a scanning electron microscope!

Free Electrons

Free Electrons is a Linux training company which makes it's training material available under a Creative Commons license.

Free IT ebooks

The available IT ebooks are split into a dozen categories. Some are available in PDF, others for online reading.

Free Online Bookstore

IT books for download divided into 9 categories.

Free Online Novels

This site is a collecting point for links to free books, and doesn't actually host most of the books. Because of this a few of the links no longer work. The site is run by an author (Jennifer Armstrong) and promotes her work, but not to the detriment of other authors. Jennifer has a clear simple set of rules which contributors must adhere to. The RHS of the page gives a standard breakdown by genre.

Free Programming Books

IT books are available in over 20 categories for free download in PDF format.

Free Quick Recipes

3 cookbooks available for free download.

Free Read

A site concentrating on Australian authors. It provides links to biographies, books for online reading and a number for downloading in PDF format.

Free Romance Fiction

5 free romance novels available.

Free SF Online

A lot of SF books and short stories available. Original publication dates range from the 1950s to current.

Free Tech Books

A broad selection of IT books available for download.

Free ebooks download

twenty categories of IT books available for download. category: it


Books can be listed in an impressive number of categories, or browsed by author. There is also a search function. Books can be read online or downloaded as PDF, Mobi or Epub verions. Unfortunately, to download anything you need to register and then login.

GNU Operating System

Various books on Open Source IT products (Linux, Wikipedia, Postgres and so on). They are available from the GNU project ftp sites.

Geenie Books

15 free kids books.

Get Free Books

The books on this site are separated into about forty categories, and are available in PDF format.

Globusz Publishing

Globusz sets out to publish free books, and has a breakdown of about 20 categories on the LHS of the page. Some of the material is already available from Project Gutenberg. Unfortunately, the downloads are only available as Windows executable files, which not everyone will be happy with.


Harlequin are offering 16 free ebooks for download.

Hazardous Weather

Teaching resources to provide awareness of hazardous weather. Available in PDF foprmat.

Hindawi Publishing Corporation

Monographs and editoed volume available for download.

Holy Books

Holy and spiritual books for almost any religious belief.

Horror Masters

A huge library of horror works, most of which are available for download in PDF format. Some can be read online.

How to become a pure mathematician

A mixture of PDF files and books for online reading.

IBM Redbooks

This domain is the home for the freely available manuals published by IBM. If you work in IT and on IBM equipment or software (such as WebSphere), then these very professional, highly technical manuals could be a God-send. There are over 3500 available.


About 300 books in 8 subject areas available for donwload.

Internet Archive

The Internet Archive has a huge range of material available for download under a Creative Commons license. There are eight sub-collections (Project Gutenberg is one) which offer almost two million items between them. Not all of the associated content is in English.

Internet Classics Archive

A list of 441 literary works hosted by MIT and available for download.

Internet Sacred Text Archive

An enormous variety of religious and philosophical books in text format.

Islamic Bulletin

Free Islamic books available for download. Some are available in PDF format, others as Windows executables.

Jogena's ebook directory

This is a site which allows authors to list their work. Some are free, some you're expected to pay for. There are 13 major categories.

Kalin Books

Some of the books are available through Feed Books.

Kingsfield Publications

Know Free

A broad variety of ebooks available for download, many are IT, others are business books.

Know Your Stuff

This site has a broad selection of subjects and a fairly unique collection of books.


217 free ebooks in ePub format suitable for the Kobo reader.

Linux Online

There are a couple of dozen Linux and Open Source books available for online reading or downloading as PDF files.

8 technical Linux books are available for download. You have to complete a registration form, and an email with the download link will get sent to your work address.


10 popular science fiction books to be read online or downloaded.

Ludwig von Mises Institute

A libertarian view of economics expressed in several hundred books.


There's a lot of free material here, but you have to know where to find it as the search doesn't help. There may also be geographical restrictions on who's allowed to download.

MIT Open Courseware

Study materials for online courses offered by MIT. The courses are split into 40 study areas and reading material is available in PDF format.

MSRI Books

57 maths volumes from Cambridge Press, most are available for download in PDF format.

Many Books

The content of this site is very similar to that available from Project Gutenberg. Books can be found from listings organised by author, title, genre or language. Each is available for download in over 20 formats.

Maths on the Web

Maths ebooks available from the American Mathematical Society.


There are 34 categories of books to browse. The detail listings show title, available formats and popularity. As an example, there are 655 science fiction books and 257 in the horror category.


Towards the bottom of the page are links to 7 Windows 7 books in PDF format. There are also a number of smaller hints and guides also in PDF format.

Mobile Read

A list of 5000 books formatted for the Kindle, although they ought to work with any software that understands the mobi format.

Mobipocket Books

Mobipocket versions of many of the books available from Project Gutenberg.

Modern Evil Press

The micro press Modern Evil Press offer some of their published books as free downloads.


A small number of introductory science books.

Munsey's Mobile Bookmarks

35 categories of ebooks available for download in formats suitable for mobile phones.

NASA History series

A broad selection of ebooks concentrating on NASA's historical achievements.

NASA publications

An index for ebooks and sources for ebooks published by NASA.

Nancy's Kitchen

Cookbooks and individual recipes available for free download.

National Security Agency

The US NSA has made a number of it's networking and IT guides available for free download. The list has 12 categories.

Night Owl

A small number of free romance novels are available here. Although, the site carries a "must be over 18 to download" warning, so perhaps the content could be categorised as Erotica.

Nightshade Books

Nightshade books offers a selection of stories, excerpts from novels and a couple of full length works. All are available for free download.

O'Reilly Books

O'Reilly has a number of IT books available under a Creative Commons license for online reading.


You need to register (which is free) and login to download books split into 32 categories, although some of the categories have very few books.

Online Best Colleges

100 free business books.

Online Computer Books

The LHS menu allows you to select books from over 30 IT categories. Some books only have sample chapters available, others can be downloaded in text or PDF.

Online Free Books

Online Free Books offers PDF downloads in fifteen major categories ranging from automotive to Social and Culture.

Online Library of Liberty

A collection of 1100 books on subjects related to liberty.

Online Novels

A good selection of fiction. Some is only available for online reading, other books can be downloaded in a variety of formats.

Only Free Fiction

There are a small number of books in 7 categories.

Open Access Bibliography

A PDf version of a publiched book describing the goals an practical issues surrounding the provision of fully open access to scholarly material.

Oracle guides and manuals

A comprehensive selection of downloadable guides to Oracle database products.

Oxford Text Archive

2000 works available via Oxford University. Those available for free download are clearly marked, but they are not generally in the public domain. You have to agree to the archive's terms and conditions first (by submitting an email address) after which you get an email giving the URL for the download. The download consists of an XML file and the book in HTML, both ZIP'd.

PDF Books

There are two parts to this site, recognised and published books from Project Gutenberg, and work by unpublished authors, both for download.

PDF Free Books

There are some kids books from Project Gutenberg, and a small but odd selection of other work - an Arabic-English Lexicon and an Armedian-English dictionary.

PDF Source

There is a good selection of categories on the RHS of the page, and the site claims to have 11,500 PDF format books available for download. Some of the Harry Potter books are available for free download, and I wasn't aware that J K Rowlings had given permission for this.


Paperback Writer

There are 46 novels in 5 genres available for download.

Paul Graham

Paul Graham's site has a lot of links to IT books, some of which are available for free download.

Planet Maths

A detailed selection of maths text books available in PDF format.

Planet PDF

Planet PDF is a resource centre for PDF software and information. It also has a small number of PDF versions of books which can also be found at Project Gutenberg.

Poetry in Translation

Both classic texts by famous poets and original work is available here.

Programming books

A good, comprehensive collection of programming books covering languages, tools and techniques.

Project Euclid

Scanned maths books from Cornell University.

Project Gutenberg

By September 2010, Project Gutenberg had 33,000 ebooks available for free download with more added each week. All are books whose copyright has expired, at least in the USA. The site recommends that you check local copyright restrictions rather than assume the same is true in your own country.

Some are audio books, but most are text, available in a variety of formats - text, HTML, ePub and Mobi being the most common. Many of the other free ebook sites include the material from Project Gutenberg to fatten their catalogues, and this is quite permissable as far as the project is concerned.

Search capability is pretty good, and there are pages showing the most popular top 100 books updated daily. There's also an XML file with up to date details of all the available material, again updated every night.

Project Gutenberg Australia

A sub-category of Project Gutenberg concentrating on both Australian authors and books about Australia. The rich variety of formats available on the parent site aren't here though.

Public Literature

A collection of about 100 books available for online reading. A number can also be downloaded but not shared.

PyAr - Python Argentina

The English language version of the magazine published by the Argentina Python User Group.


Questia has 5000 free ebooks available for online reading, most of which can be found on the Project Gutenberg web site.


A variety of novels for download.

Reading Room

Reading Room has half a dozen genres for you to choose from, and each has books available for purchase, and recommendations which are only available for free online reading. A number of the free books are available elsewhere, often from Project Gutenberg. Readers and purchasers are encouraged to comment on the book, and the collected comments are visible on the page which describes it.

Romance Novel

7 free romance novels in Kindle format.

Rustici Software

Rustici have produced a downloadable ebook with a set of questions thta you should ask of any LMS (Learning Management System) software supplier.

Samizdat Press

About 20 advanced maths books available as PDF downloads. There are a few links to sources for downloadable lecture notes mainly on maths or physics.

SciFi and Fantasy Books

A small number of SF books, most of which are available from Project Gutenberg. However, there are a few unique ones.

Science Fiction Futures

A small number of downloadable short stories from respected scientists which originally appeared in Nature.

Sejarah Melayu Library

A collection of 700 documents covering the history of the Malay region.

Site Pro News

About 180 ebooks split into 10 categories. Unfortunately, they are available for download only as Windows executable files.

Sky at Dawn

Sky at Dawn concentrates on vampire fiction.


Smashwords is both retailer and publisher, so not all of the ebooks avalable on the site are free. The books on offer vary in length from "flash fiction" (under 1000 words) to a full length novel. They can be read online or downloaded in a good selection of formats. As well as a standard search, books can be filtered by subject or author, by newest or most popular, or by price or length.


A small number of books in PDF format. The site uses a download provider which offers free slow downloads or fast and chargeable.


A small selection of science fiction, fantasy and horror available for download. Some annual short story collections are offered.

Stack Overflow

Someone has made the effort to take the top questions and answers from the Stack Overflow site and compile Amazon compatible ebooks from them. There are approximately 40 available, all providing guidance on IT subjects.

Success Consciousness

Personal development ebooks.


2 science fiction books are available for download.

TTA Press (Interzone)

TTA occasionally publish PDF versions of stories for free download. These have previously been published in the science fiction magazine Interzone.

Takeaway Process

There are 50 free books available covering a small number of categories.

Tech Books for Free

Freely downloadable computer programming books.

Tech Tool Blog

195 programming books, some only available for online reading, others for download

Technical Books online

Pre 1964 technical manuals which never had their copyright renewed. The site owner scans them and makes them available.

Terradata books

A broad selection of IT and business books usually available for download. Some are in PDF, others text.

The 'R' Project

There are 7 manuals covering the R language here. They can be downloaded as PDf files or read online.

The Linux Documentation Project

A set of Linux specific manuals available for reading online or downloading.

The Novel Network

For a one-time payment you get access to unlimited downloads from over 30,000 titles.

The eBook Directory

The eBook Directory has 12 categories, each with a couple of dozen downloadable PDF format books.

Turning the Pages

The British Library have released 15 historical works of non-fiction for download. Unfortunately they have chosen to use a proprietary viewer, although it ought to run successfully under all versions of Windows.

Twilight Times

Half a dozen books available for free download

US Census Bureau

As well as large data sets, the US Census Bureau has a large number of documents available for free download

University of Adelaide

University of Adelaide has ePub versions of out of copyright books available for download. You can search, or browse by title or author. Not all books are in the English language.

University of Arizona

The Computer Science department of the University of Arizona has made available PDF versions of 3 books about the Icon programming language.

University of Oregon

101 varied books hosted at the University of Oregon.

University of Pennsylvania

The University claims to have indexed a million ebooks covering almost any conceivable subject. Some are links to the Project Gutenberg archive, some are links to images of pages hosted at other sites, but a number are available locally.


2 Vegan cookbooks.

Warrior Princess

Free books on positive thinking.

Web Source

A small number of books on business and marketing available in PDF or Windows executable format. Categroy: business, marketing

Web books

All the books available here can be read online or downloaded and read offline. If you download them, change the file type from .web to .html


WikiBooks has a small number of books in PDF format, with more being added regularly. The books cover a broad range of subjects, from elementary school geometry to the basic physics of nuclear medicine. Format: PDF

Wild Rose Press

There are 72 books available to choose from.

Wisdon ebooks

Some business and other books available for download. Not all are free.

Wit Guides

Wit Guides offers about 600 ebooks in 12 categories for free download. Unfortunately the books are are zipped Windows executables.

World Public Library

There are two parts to this site, the public list which is almost entirely taken from Project Gutenberg, and a subscription service which gives access to 500,000 volumes. An annual subscription is under $9.

XP Maths

Maths text books available.

Zain Books

Non-fiction divided into about 40 subjects, each with a number of books available for download in PDF format.


A small but good selection of cook books.

A very small selection of ebooks, and you have to register to download anything.

eBook Take Away

This site has 3500 ebooks available for download, many of which have duplicate the Project Gutenberg catalogue.

Single Books

Adventure - Finitude

Fantasy - Mortal Ghost

Fantasy - Sky Bounce

Fantasy - The Last Ring Bearer

Lord of the Rings told from the viewpoint of Sauron as he tries to introduce scientific method into Middl;e Earth.

Fantasy - The Patriot Witch

Fiction - Belthar's Garden

Fiction - Father Figure

Fiction - Looking through the Windows of Madness

Fiction - Sometimes that happens with chicken

Wanda Shapiro has offered her novel for free download.

Historical - The Greatest Sinner Ever

Thea early life of Nostradamus.

Historical - USS Callaghan

The story of the night that the USS Callaghan was sunk.

Horror - Machine of Death

A collection of short stories. url:

Horror - Move Underground

Lovecraftian horror.

Horror - Predatoress

A vampire book from Emma Gabor.

Horror - The Basilisk

An illustrated story by Peter Gillott from Dark Tales.

Humour - Nina Kimberly the Merciless

Humour - The Distance Travelled

Described as a hillbilly road comedy.

IT - .Net book zero

A free 267-page introduction to .Net and C#.

IT - A byte of Phython

A free tutorial for Python 3.0.

IT - A scala tutorial for java programmers

The 2011 edition of the book.

IT - Algorithms

Lecture notes for an algorithms course given at University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. Format: PDF

IT - An Introduction to R

IT - Bayesian Reasoning and Machine Learning

This is a draft version of the 2011 imprint due to be published by Cambridge University Press made available by the author.

IT - Building Websites

A 330 page books explaining everything you need to know to create a web site from scratch.

IT - Building skills in Python

A teach-yourself book for Python.

IT - C# Yellow book

The latest version of Rob Miles' C# book provided free as part of the First Year programming course at the University of Hull.

IT - Clever algorithms

Jason Brownlee has made his Ruby algorithms book available for free download.

IT - Compiler Construction

IT - Computer programming using GNU smalltalk

Canol Gokel's book on Smalltalk released under a Creative Commons license.

IT - Concurrent Programming in Erlang

IT - Data-Intensive Text Processing with MapReduce

The publisher has made a downloadable copy of this IT textbook available.

IT - Dive in Python

IT - Dynamic Web Development with Seaside

IT - Eloquent Javascript

IT - Essentials of Metaheuristics

Sean Luke has made the first version of his book Essentials of Metaheuristics available for free download.

IT - Extreme Perl

This is an IT book about extreme programming with the Perl programming language.

IT - GNU C Programming Tutorial

This is edition 4.1.

IT - Gaussian Processes for Machine Learning

This is a textbook from MIT who have agreed to make it available online.

IT - Getting started with WebSphere

A high quality introductory guide to WebSphere from IBM.

IT - Graphics programming black book

There are 70 chapters in this free book, each available as a separate downloadable PDF file. Be aware that the complete book is 153 Mb.

IT - Higher Order Perl

Mark Dominus has made the publishers PDF version of his book "Higher-Order Perl" available for free download.

IT - How to Think Like a Computer Scientist

This is the coursebook for an MIT unit in computer science, and it uses Python as the example language.

IT - Humble Little Ruby Book

A book on Ruby programming supported by donations.

IT - Information Theory, Inference, and Learning Algorithms

This IT book was originally published by Cambridge University Press. The PDF version is fro mthe fourth printing, others are from the second printing.

IT - Introduction to Objective Caml

IT - Invent your own computer games with Python

This is a good introductory book for anyone who has never programmed before. Catgeory: it

IT - Jot of smalltalk

This is Ivan Tomek's book on Smalltalk. It's available as a set of individual PDF files, one per chapter.

IT - Learn Python The Hard Way

Zed Shaw has just finished his book on learning Python and has made a PDf copy available.

IT - Learning Perl the hard way

IT - Little Book of Semaphores

This is a textbook that introduces the principles of synchronization for concurrent programming.

IT - Little MongoDB book

A short and free introduction to MongoDB, one ofthe NoSQL database products.

IT - Logic, programming and prolog

IT - Mastering Node.js

IT - Mongrel2

Mongrel2 is a completely agnostic web server.

IT - Object-Oriented Reengineering Patterns

Object-Oriented Reengineering Patterns collects and distills successful techniques in planning a reengineering project, reverse-engineering, problem detection, migration strategies and software redesign.

IT - Pharo by example

Pharo is an open source development environment for smalltalk.

IT - Practical mod_perl

IT - Programmer's heaven C# school book

A good coverage of both the .Net framework and C#. Catgeory: it

IT - Programming Languages: Application and Interpretation

IT - Programming in Oberon

IT - Python for Beginners

From Jody Scott Ginther.

IT - Ruby Best Practices

A freely available copy of the O'Reilly book.

IT - Ruby on Rails 3.0

This is a well written student manual for Ruby on Rails

IT - Scala by example

The 2011 draft version of the book.

IT - Semantics with Applications

This is a book associated with a University IT course.

IT - Simple logical

Intelligent reasoning by example. Category = it

IT - Snake wrangling for kids

A book suitable for children who want to learn programming.

IT - Squeak

Squeak is an open source development environment for smalltalk.

IT - Squeak by example

Squeak is an open source development environment for smalltalk.

IT - Subversion version control

This is from Bruce Perens' Open Source Series.

IT - The C Book

IT - The Implementation of Functional Programming Languages

Released by Microsoft.

IT - The Pragmatic Bookshelf

The site offers a free magazine each month for professional programmers.

IT - Think python

IT - Thinking in Python

This is not an introductory book on Python, it assumes that you already know about the language.

IT - Ubuntu pocket guide and reference

If you'd prefer a printed version, that's available too and the URL will explain where and how to get a copy.

IT - Unix system programming in OCaml

IT - Version control with Subversion

There are versions of this book suitable for Subversion version 1.7 or 1.8.

IT - Vim, the editor

A learning guide for the Vim editor. It can also be read online if you prefer.

IT - Visual Lisp Developers Bible

Sample code is also available.

IT - Visual Prolog for Tyros

IT - Wealth of networks

Studies the impact of technology on individual economics.

IT - Windows phone programming Blue book

The programming book for Windows Phone 7.5

IT = Mining of Massive Datasets

IT- computational statistics

Jeremy Penzer's book on computational statistics is avalable for download. Each chapter is a separate PDF.

Law - Virtual Justice

Professor Greg Lastowka has released a free PDF copy of his book "Virtual Justice: The New Laws of Online Worlds".

Marketing - Effective book promotion

Bob Baker's marketing book is available as an MP3 download.

Marketing - Scientific Advertising

Reputedly one of the best books about copy writing there is.

Maths - Abstract Algebra: Theory and Applications

The author has made both the 2009 and the 2010 editions available for free download.

Maths - Elements of Statistical Learning

This is a statistics text book from Stanford University.

Maths - The Book of Proof

This textbook is an introduction to the standard methods of proving mathematical theorems.

Paranormal - Tongues of Fire

Female Soviet agent and an American Scholar investigate a Nazi occult language scheme. The book can be downloaded in individual chapters.

Publishing - The problem isn't piracy, the problem is obscurity

Cory Doctorow is offering his latest free ebook. It's about sucessful publishing and as you might expect contains opinions that contradict current publishing wisdom. But for him it works.

Religious - A cowboy's Christmas prayer

Romance - Breakthrough

A Christian romance.

Romance - Embraced in Darkness

Romance - Formerly Brandewyne

Romance - Genie

There may be geographical restrictions on downloading from Lulu. Category = romance

Romance - Private Lies

Romance - Sky Bounce

Romance - The Rebel Doctor's Bride

Romance - When Women Were Warriors

SF - Afterlife

SF - Cadet's Dream

SF - Communion of Dreams

SF - Dominion

J L Bryan's novel Dominion is available via a Creative Commons license.

SF - Exiles Burn

Science fiction with a hero called Rat.

SF - Final Transmission

Each chapter is a separate PDF file.

SF - Fulcrum Shift

SF - Ghosts of Earth

The first book in a science fiction series, it describes the beginnings of the universe.

SF - Hal Spacejock

The first volume of the satirical Hal Spacejock series is available for free download.

SF - Honest, the Martian Ate Your Dog

Humourous SF.

SF - Mars Girl

A satire based on future media and politics.

SF - My own kind of freedom

A fanfic novel set in the Firefly universe from Steven Brust.

SF - Newtons Sleep

Historical fiction merged with time travel.

SF - Overtime

Tor has a free download of Overtime by Charlie Stross.

SF - Roo'd

Cyberpunk novel.

SF - The Alpha Centauri Project

Mark Santini has made his SF novel available for free download.

SF - The Crooked Letter

Books of the Cataclysm, volume 1 from Sean Williams.

SF - The Keepers of Forever

SF - The Unearthing

Steve Karmazenuk has put PDF versions of two of his books on his web site.

SF - Thicker than Blood

SF - Through Darkness and Stars

Steve Karmazenuk has put PDF versions of two of his books on his web site.

SF - Worlds Unseen

Short Stories - Stranger Thikngs Happen

Space - LEO on the cheap

Lt Col J R London III has made his research report on space transportation available for download. It can be downloaded as a single file or in 3 smaller parts.

Thinking - How to Make a Complete Map of Every Thought you Think

Thriller - Concerto for flute and orchestra

Thriller - Guardians of the Secret

Thriller - Last of the Good Guys

This a story based on events that happened some twenty years ago along the gulf coast of Texas.

Thriller - Rice Tea

A thriller with hackers as the central characters.

Thriller - The Last Days of Las Vegas

Roy Hayes has made a PDF version of his political thriller available for download.

Thriller - Whisky Sour

US Government - 2011 DoD Budget

DoD FY 2011 President's Budget.

Urban - Fantasy - Once Bitten

A psychologist investigates vampires in Los Angeles

Urban Fantasy - Beasts of New York

Writing - The magic of reading

Bill Hill has made his 1999 book available for free download. The layout shows it's age, but the content is good.

Writing - What publishers want

The Greenleaf Book Group have written a book full of advice for new authors. You can read it online or download it.

Writing - Write a great query letter

Noah Lukeman has encapsulated his knowledge and experience into a free book. If you write, then knowing how to write the initial query letter is important.

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