Welcome! Come in, find a comfy seat and make yourself at home. This is the electronic home of Paul Wilson, currently working at Murdoch University, and right now it's under rennovation. And rightly so, it's looked tatty and unloved for quite a while.

Social media

Here's the thing. I was talking about social media with some friends over Christmas, and they reluctantly agreed that it's not as new as you might expect. Not that many years ago, the simplest social media was the postcard. They are less common now, but certainly not dead.

Prove me right! Send me a postcard with your address on it, and I'll send you one back. If you drop me an email, I'll send back my address.

Don't forget to include your address though!

This has been surprisingly successful over that last 12 months or so, and if anyone reading this would like to send a postcard to get one in return, please do.


Some short stories:

There's a pre-release version of a volume of flash fiction available for free download.

And a few articles:

I have a regularly increasing number of "postcards" - short pieces of text on a variety of subjects here.


This is likely to be a bit iconoclastic in places, so tread carefully. The Elephant, the professor's question about Hell, the diver, the killer Kangaroos, Company Policy and of course the State Department travel advisory for Americans in France.

And, finally, what must be the best review in the world of the worst book in the world !

Interesting stuff:

This is the Internet we talking about, so there's a diverse and almost infinite number of interesting places to visit. Here are a few that I've found:

If you're a touch older than a Millennial, head over here to find a few introductory articles on geeky themes. There will be more appearing regularly, and you can certainly requestsomething.

Best SF Books tracks SF books that are considered for the most prestigious awards.

Degree Confluence Project aims to visit each integer latitude and longitude degree intersection and take photographs.

JPL Photojournal is a photographic tour of the solar system.

Hubski is a somewhat geeky continually updated collection of links to current news stories.

Free ebooks is a list of about 400 sites offering legitimately free digital books. I have to admit self interest here - I maintain this list.

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